Cavli Wireless Unveils the C16QS: Redefining Smart Connectivity with the New Ultra-Low Cost Cat 1.bis Module

Cavli Wireless Unveils the C16QS: Redefining Smart Connectivity with the New Ultra-Low Cost Cat 1.bis Module

Empowering Turkish product makers with the C16QS Smart Cellular IoT Module for Cost-Efficient, High-Performance Cat 1.bis IoT Solutions.

Cavli Wireless, a pioneer in cellular IoT module manufacturing, today announced the launch of its new ultra-low-cost C16QS LTE Cat 1.bis cellular IoT module in the Turkey market.

This launch is not just a strategic step towards meeting the growing demand for low-cost 4G smart connectivity solutions in the region; it marks a significant milestone in Cavli Wireless’s commitment to the Turkish market, addressing its specific needs for affordable, high-quality IoT connectivity.

The Cavli C16QS, a state-of-the-art single-mode LTE Cat 1.bis Cellular Module, epitomizes Cavli’s commitment to high-quality, affordable smart connectivity. Designed in line with 3GPP Release 14 standards, it features a small form factor and integrated eSIM and GNSS, requiring only a single antenna and fewer power amplifiers. This design reduces space and power consumption, allowing smaller modules with region-specific deployment. Tailored for the Turkish market, the C16QS offers OEMs the chance to cut initial hardware costs due to its competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective local solution.

Its ability to easily switch between networks, coupled with global connectivity and device management capabilities, makes it ideal for various smart connectivity applications. Additionally, a separate battery can power the GNSS without activating the LTE, further enhancing power efficiency. The integration of both RAM and NOR Flash on the chip ensures a smaller device footprint and faster performance, meeting the diverse connectivity needs and economic dynamics of the region.

The C16QS is set to power IoT adoption across various sectors in Turkey, including e-mobility, POS systems, electric charging stations, Telematics Control Units (TCU), asset tracking, and much more. Enhancing this module’s capabilities, the Hubble Stack Intelligence, a key component of the Cavli Hubble connectivity & modem management platform, offers advanced remote diagnosis, monitoring, and debugging through the Hubble Lens feature. This innovation not only streamlines IoT deployment by eliminating the need for physical intervention but also scales IoT solutions in the most seamless manner. Furthermore, Cavli’s strong network operator partnerships have bolstered its presence in the market, offering robust local LTE and LTE-M connectivity solutions that are redefining industry standards in terms of service quality and pricing.

“The introduction of the C16QS cellular IoT module in Turkey is a pivotal moment for Cavli Wireless,” stated John Mathew, Chief Executive Officer, Cavli Wireless. “The C16QS stands out in the market for its exceptional balance of price efficiency and advanced connectivity features, making it an ideal choice for Turkish product makers looking to leverage Cat 1.bis based smart connectivity solutions. The launch of the C16QS is poised to be a key driver in cellular IoT adoption in Turkey, perfectly aligning with our vision of democratizing IoT by providing high-performance, seamless connectivity solutions tailored to the demanding needs of the Turkish region.”

Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir have thriving engineering ecosystems, with numerous universities, research institutions, and companies focused on manufacturing and engineering. This strong foundation in engineering has contributed to the rapid growth of the IoT industry in Turkey, with the market value jumping from a few hundred million dollars to $9.55 billion in recent years. The advancement of these engineering hubs is expected to further propel IoT industry growth, potentially reaching $18.2 billion by 2027, driven by factors like smart city solutions, Industry 4.0 adoption, and government digital economy efforts.

Cavli partners with a Turkish mobility specialist to enhance mobility-as-a-service through micro-mobility charging solutions, utilizing integrated smart modules and a cloud platform to ensure reliable networks that transform city infrastructure into smart charging networks for micro-mobility vehicles. The engineering expertise concentrated in these cities continues to drive Turkey’s leadership in IoT and digital transformation.

As a pioneer in cellular IoT, Cavli Wireless takes pride in supporting the digital transformation of Turkish companies across industries. The company is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with partners and customers in Turkey, providing seamless and affordable smart connectivity through optimized cellular IoT solutions tailored for the region. Cavli is dedicated to fostering the continued growth of Turkey’s thriving engineering ecosystems and rapidly expanding IoT sector. The company aims to build enduring relationships and play an integral role in advancing Turkey’s leadership in engineering. By leveraging the cellular IoT expertise to meet the connectivity needs of the Turkish market, Cavli Wireless looks forward to realizing the full potential of IoT innovation to drive progress that improves lives nationwide.

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